Premier Homes in Bossier City is proud to be the 4th Premier Homes of the Midsouth location opened and excited to be in this market.

When we opened Premier Homes Bossier, we built our business around 3 basic principals: People, Product, & Process!
  • People- We start with the person first. Who they are, what they stand for, do they have proven integrity, are they someone we can trust so that our customers can trust them. After all, who you buy your home from is as important as what brand you buy and where you buy it from.
  • Product- Building materials, quality standards, service, management. We were very deliberate with our choices of the brands we decided to carry. At Premier Homes Bossier we focus on quality before price. Our goal is to sell our customer the best quality home serviced with the best reputation for the best price per Sqft.
  • Process- Our owner group has been in the Manufactured Housing industry for over 30 years. They have learned many what not to do’s and have developed a proven successful process. Each year we are working hard to further improve and advance those processes with new technology and ingenuity thinking always keeping the customer experience at the forefront of everything.

By surrounding ourselves with the right people, the best quality products for the price points desired, and following a proven successful process, we believe it will make for the best customer experience.

Thank you for considering Premier Homes of the Midsouth as your dealer of choice. We take every opportunity to help a new customer very seriously and look forward to the new business relationship with you.